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Error analysis of a DG method employing ideal elements applied to a nonlinear convection–diffusion problem

V. Sobotíková
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In this paper we use the discontinuous Galerkin finite element method for the space-semidiscretization of a nonlinear nonstationary convection–diffusion problem defined on a nonpolygonal two-dimensional domain. Using Zlámal's concept of the ideal curved elements, we define a finite element space . We prove the ‘ideal’ versions of the inverse and the multiplicative trace inequalities known for standard straight triangulations. Further, we define a projection on the finite element space and study its approximation properties. The obtained results allow us to derive an H1-optimal error estimate for the discontinuous Galerkin method employing the ideal curved elements.

Received: 2010-10-12
Revised: 2010-12-09
Published Online: 2011-07-14
Published in Print: 2011-July

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