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Tocilizumab therapy and COVID-19

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To the Editor:

We would like to share our thoughts on the article “The role of tocilizumab therapy in critically ill patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2” by Saffo et al. [1] in which the authors concluded that “In this cohort study, no difference in survival was observed in critically ill patients treated with TCZ.” The benefit of tocilizumab depends on many factors. An important factor is timing of administration is an important factor [2]. In a recent publication, Richier et al. [2] noted that “tocilizumab could be less effective when oxygen requirement is >11 L/min” [2]. The pharmacological action of tociluzubmab is via interleukin blockage [3, 4] so it can help control of interleukin-related pathology in COVID-19. Therefore, it has to be used before there is any irreversible clinical problem due to pathological interleukin process. This can confirm the concept that drug will be effective if it’s used at the right time according to its pharmacological action.

Corresponding author: Viroj Wiwanitkit, MD, Department of Community Medicine, Dr DY Patil University, Pune, India, E-mail:

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Accepted: 2021-07-13
Published Online: 2021-08-13

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