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Age and Sex Differences in Fat Distribution in Non-Obese Japanese Children

Eiichiro Satake, Yuichi Nakagawa, Akira Kubota, Hirokazu Saegusa, Shin-ichiro Sano and Takehiko Ohzeki
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Objective: To assess fat distribution in non-obese Japanese children and adolescents.

Design: 130 non-obese Japanese children (73 boys and 57 girls) from Kikugawa, Hamamatsu were included. The visceral fat area (VFA) and subcutaneous fat area (SFA) were measured by computed tomography (CT) and calculated (in cm2). Subjects were divided into three groups based on age: group A (6-10 years), group B (11-15 years), and group C (16-20 years).

Results: Girls had more subcutaneous fat than boys in groups B and C (P<0.01). Boys had an age-dependent increase in visceral fat, but girls did not. In group C (16-20 years), boys had more visceral fat than girls (P<0.01).

Conclusions: In non-obese Japanese children, there are significant differences in visceral and subcutaneous fat amounts by age and sex. VFA seems to accumulate more in boys than in girls, and SFA is more prevalent in girls than boys.

Corresponding author: Eiichiro Satake,

Published Online: 2010-12-22
Published in Print: 2010-September

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