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Puerperal symphysis fundus distance: normal values

Sabine Frei, Juozas Kurmanavicius, Roland Zimmermann and Ursula von Mandach
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Aim: To measure puerperal symphysis fundus distance (SFD) by two manual methods and to calculate individual normal values.

Study design: Prospective cohort study including women after single pregnancy without special problems in uterine involution.

Methods: SFD was daily measured on the 1st–5th postpartum days by counting the number of midwife's fingers put horizontally on the mother's abdomen and by a paper tape, respectively. Linear mixed model analysis was performed to determine SFD normal values.

Results: Independent variables determining the SFD on different days after delivery were the gestational age and the delivery mode (finger method) and the maternal age, body mass index (BMI), delivery mode and birth weight (tape method). Individual normal values were calculated by regression equation including the coefficients for the independent variables.

Conclusion: Puerperal SFD values measured by tape have more independent variables than those measured by fingers and reflect better the actual situation of the patient. It should be verified whether values deviating from normal values of tape measurements may prevent postpartum complications.

Corresponding author: Prof. Dr. Ursula von Mandach Department of Obstetrics Zurich University Hospital Frauenklinikstrasse 10 CH–8091 Zurich Switzerland Tel.: +41/44 255 51 36 Fax: +41/44 255 44 30

Received: 2009-7-5
Revised: 2009-8-30
Accepted: 2009-10-19
Published Online: 2010-02-02
Published Online: 2010-02-2
Published in Print: 2010-03-01

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