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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter January 14, 2011

Das Kant'sche Echo in Paneths Philosophie der Chemie

  • Klaus Ruthenberg
From the journal Kant-Studien


The eminent radiochemist Friedrich Paneth (1887–1958) tried to come to terms with the following epistemological problem: On the one hand chemical elements are characterized empirically as indestructible material species, on the other hand they are characterized theoretically as having the same number of protons in the nuclei of their atoms. Paneth used the dualistic Kantian epistemology (using Eduard von Hartmann's interpretation) in order to describe the combination of these two aspects, applying the terms “Grundstoff”, fundamental matter, to the latter and “einfacher Stoff”, simple matter, to the former. The present paper discusses the applicability of Kant's philosophy – in the interpretation of Paneth – to the (modern) philosophy of chemistry.

Published Online: 2011-01-14
Published in Print: 2010-December

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