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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter December 22, 2017

Der Mensch als Selbst. Zum Begriff des präreflexiven Selbstbewusstseins in Kierkegaards Krankheit zum Tode (1849)

  • Klaus Viertbauer


My paper addresses the question whether Kierkegaard’s concept of the self is compatible with or even implies the notion of a prereflective form of selfawareness. I will connect Kierkegaard to the traditions of Idealism (e. g., Fichte) and Romanticism (e. g., Schleiermacher), as analyzed by the so-called “Heidelberg School,” in particular Dieter Henrich and Manfred Frank. While there are many interpretations of Kierkegaard’s concept of the self, especially with regard to The Sickness unto Death (1849), my own approach is unique in that it is based on a closer look at and comparison of Kierkegaard and Schleiermacher. I will argue, in particular, that both authors favor a non-egological model of self-awareness.

Published Online: 2017-12-22
Published in Print: 2017-12-20

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