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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter April 23, 2021

Individualismus in der Übersetzung des Titels Things Fall Apart aus dem Deutschen ins Yoruba

Omotayo Fakayode
From the journal Lebende Sprachen


Scholarly studies on the notion of retranslation have focused majorly on the body of texts and not specifically on titles. The issue of retranslation of titles considered in this study assesses the indirect translation of the title of Chinua Achebe’s novel into Yoruba through German. In view of this, the notion of individualism extending from the European literary culture into the African literature through translation is criticized. Based on the intersemiotic approach adopted by the Yoruba translator on the title page and the German translation of the title of the original source text, the study concludes by proposing a two-way approach to the interpretation of the title Things Fall Apart.


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