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BY 4.0 license Open Access Published by De Gruyter November 24, 2022

Sprachliche Ausgrenzung in der Lexikographie des Spanischen

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From the journal Lexicographica


On the basis of an overview of Spanish words for exclusion and discrimination, we present lists of protected characteristics in Spanish anti-discrimination law. This builds the ground for discussing (anti-)discrimination issues in Spanish lexicography, exemplified, first, by the emblematic controversy about the inclusion, or exclusion, of the expression judiada (‘dirty trick’) in the Dictionary of the Real Academia Española. We go on, then, to analyze and discuss the history of the article raza in Spanish lexicography, and the use of raza in lexicographic definitions of the latest edition of the Dictionary. Our comparative analysis shows that raza is predominantly used for describing (post-)colonial issues related to the raza negra. Although being a highly controversial topic, definition analysis shows that speaking of raza doesn’t seem to be taboo in “official” Spanish lexicography, nor does etnia represent a term that could, or should, replace raza in lexicographic definitions.

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