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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter October 2, 2018

Greek as the receiving language in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period

Erich Trapp
From the journal Lexicographica


During its long history, the Byzantine Empire - a polity that stretched across a whole millennium - came into contact with many neighbouring cultures and languages in Europe, Asia and Africa. In addition to Latin, the most important languages that enriched the medieval Greek vocabulary were: French, Italian, Slavic, Arabic and Turkish. Loanwords occurred - to a greater or lesser extent - in the following areas: nature and landscape, household, government and administration, society, military, church and religion, law and jurisdiction, trade and traffic. Beyond that, there were certain spheres that were influenced by specific languages in particular: Italian left its mark on sailors’ language; Arabic on the natural sciences (medicine, alchemy, astrology and astronomy); and both Italian and Arabic on coins, measures, and weights.

Published Online: 2018-10-02
Published in Print: 2017-09-01

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