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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter April 13, 2010

Small mammal survey in the upper Seli River valley, Sierra Leone

Jan Decher, Ryan W. Norris and Jakob Fahr
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In 2006, an inventory of small mammals was conducted on the upper Seli River in central Sierra Leone on the southwestern fringe of the Loma-Man portion of the Guinea Highlands as part of the baseline surveys conducted for the Bumbuna Hydroelectric Project (BHP). We recorded a total of 35 mammal species, including three shrews (Soricomorpha), 19 bats (Chiroptera), 11 rodents (Rodentia), one primate, and one carnivore. New or first well-documented species for Sierra Leone are the shrew Crocidura nigeriae, the bats Myonycteris torquata, Rhinolophus denti knorri, and the rare horseshoe bat Rhinolophus ziama endemic to Upper Guinea. Also reported are two bat specimens apparently representing an undescribed species of Neoromicia related to N. nana. We support the creation of a protected area as an offset for areas lost to the inundation of the BHP reservoir.

Corresponding author

Published Online: 2010-04-13
Published in Print: 2010-06-01

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