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First record of Histiotus laephotis (Thomas, 1916) from Chile and new distributional information for Histiotus montanus (Phillipi and Landbeck, 1861) (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae)

Gonzalo Ossa, Cristian Bonacic and Rubén M. Barquez
From the journal Mammalia


We report new distributional records for Histiotus montanus and first records of Histiotus laephotis for Chile. Morphological measurements and analyses of echolocation calls confirm the differences between the species. Histiotus montanus has a smaller forearm (49.7±0.8 vs. 51.7±0.4 mm) and darker and shorter ears than H. laephotis; the latter has a yellowish fur in contrast to other Histiotus species. Acoustic analyses showed significant differences between the species: H. laephotis have shorter pulses (1.3±0.4 vs. 3.6±2.6 ms), with lower start and peak frequencies (start frequency 38.2±2.6 vs. 46.4±4.6 kHz; peak frequency 30.4±3.7 vs. 32.1±2.2 kHz) than H. montanus. These findings place the Tarapacá region of northern Chile as the most diverse in terms of bat species in the country. Furthermore, these results increase the total number of bat species known to occur in the country to 13.

Corresponding author: Gonzalo Ossa, Fauna Australis Wildlife Laboratory, Department of Ecosystem and The Environment, School of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, CP 7820436, Chile, e-mail:


We would like to thank SAG Tarapacá region for sponsoring this study and authorising captures (resolución exenta N°1081); CONAF staff from Tarapacá region for providing us their help and facilities during the fieldwork in the Pampa del Tamarugal National Reserve; and Lina Forero and Francisco Novoa from the field team of Fauna Australis research laboratory who played a key role during the surveys. Finally, we thank Dr. Stéphane Aulagnier and Dr. Christiane Denys for the revision of previous versions of the manuscript.


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Accepted: 2014-8-22
Published Online: 2014-9-22
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