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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter November 5, 2019

First description of an immature Sumatran striped rabbit (Nesolagus netscheri), with special reference to the wildlife trade in South Sumatra

Arum Setiawan, Muhammad Iqbal, Amran Halim, Rio Firman Saputra, Doni Setiawan and Indra Yustian
From the journal Mammalia


The Sumatran striped rabbit (Nesolagus netscheri Schlegel, 1880) is the least known lagomorph in the world. This paper describes the first record of a young N. netscheri that was offered for sale (the size is approximately 52–56% of the adult), together with an adult, by a social media group in February 2018. The rabbits were reportedly obtained from the Dempo mountain, South Sumatra. Compared to previous descriptions of N. netscheri, the Dempo mountain specimens have longer ears (47–52 mm vs. 34–50 mm), shorter tails (9–15 mm vs. 17 mm) and shorter hindfeet (60–65 mm vs. 67–87 mm). The threats to N. netscheri are revisited and discussed.


We thank Sriwijaya University for providing grants to the first and last authors known as “Hibah Profesi”. We are very grateful to the Biology Museum of Gadjah Mada University who preserved our specimens. We express our gratitude to John Flux [IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC) Lagomorph Specialist Group] and Debby Ng for editing the English language and improving this draft. Finally, we wish to thank the anonymous reviewers who provided many essential suggestions for this paper.


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Received: 2018-12-25
Accepted: 2019-09-05
Published Online: 2019-11-05
Published in Print: 2020-03-26

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