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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by Akademie Verlag June 19, 2020

Hagiographie und Recht. Narrativierung von Recht und Verrechtlichung des Narrativs in der Vita des Gregor von Agrigent

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From the journal Das Mittelalter


This article examines three episodes from the Life of Gregory of Agrigento, drafted in Greek in the 9th century, in which juridical material and procedure inform the hagiographical narrative, and vice versa. It argues that both spheres depend on, and contribute to, a common ‘nomos’, an idea of the righteous, lawful and cooperative coexistence of imperial and papal power in the church of Sicily. While this coexistence is anachronistic in the hagiographer’s own times, he constructs it through the narrativization of law and the juridification of narrative.

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