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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter October 11, 2021

On Trade and Exploitation

Pietro Maffettone


In this essay I critically engage with Mathias Risse and Gabriel Wollner’s book On Trade Justice: A Philosophical Plea for a New Global Deal. I sketch their general view of the concept of exploitation and of trade exploitation more specifically. I then suggest that, contra Risse and Wollner, exploitation belongs to non-ideal theory. In addition, I argue that Risse and Wollner have not shown that the WTO is exploitative, and argue that their account of fair wages suffers from a number of weaknesses both on the cost and contribution sides.

Corresponding author: Pietro Maffettone, Political Science Department, University of Napoli Federico II, Via Mezzocannone 4, 80134, Napoli, Italy, E-mail:


The author would like to thank Vincenzo Alfano, Aaron James, and two anonymous reviewers for their comments.


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Published Online: 2021-10-11
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