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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter March 31, 2021

Stress corrosion and mechanical properties of zinc coating on 304 stainless steel

Hua Zhang, Sihan Zheng, Yue Wang, QiLiang Li, Jie Tao and Heang Hong
From the journal Materials Testing


The effect of stress corrosion on the mechanical properties of the coating in the zinc coating/304 stainless steel substrate system was investigated by three-point bending, slow strain rate tensile (SSRT) and nano-indentation tests. Studies have shown that fracture toughness was improved when the coating was thick but weakened when the coating was thin. At varied coating thicknesses (80 μm, 160 μm, 240 μm, 320 μm, 400 μm), the decline rates of the fracture toughness were 77.48 %, 71.82 %, 66.67 %, 55.48 % and 51.52 %, respectively, and those for the critical strain of crack initiation were 94.97 %, 91.88 %, 88.42 %, 76.19 % and 74.33 %, respectively. In addition, simulations were made to analyze the crack propagation of zinc coating in coating/substrate system under tensile loading by ABAQUS, which proved the accuracy of the experiment.

Department of Civil Engineering Hohai University Room 422 No. 1, Xikang Road Nanjing, P. R. China


The first author would like to express his gratitude to all those who helped him to perform the experiments described previously and polish the language in the course of writing this paper. The authors also would like to thank anonymous reviewers for giving valuable suggestions that helped to improve the quality of the manuscript.


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Published Online: 2021-03-31

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