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Evaluation of chilled casting and extrusion-shear forming technology based on numerical simulation and experiments

H. J. Hu, S. L. Gan, Y. Tian, D. F. Zhang, J. K. Feng and Z. W. Ou
From the journal Materials Testing


Magnesium alloys on the surface of billets might be refined by chilled casting process, but the grains of the center of billets are coarse, and there are a lot of void defects in the center of billets. These defects can be eliminated by hot extrusion, while fibrous microstructures and strong basal textures might be formed. This paper presents a new short process technology which includes chilled casting and extrusion-shear (CCES). It is crucial to understand the effects of die structures on the deformation behaviors, strain distribution and load requirements. Three selections of processes and die structures were done by simulations and experiments which include CCES process with 4 times consecutive shearings plastic deformation, CCES process by lateral extrusion with 90° shearing angle, and combined CCES process mode. The research results show the third selection is recommended. Three-dimensional (3D) geometric models with different channel angles (30°, 45°) for the third selection CCES dies were designed. The heterogeneities of plastic deformation by CCES dies with different channel angles were analyzed from the simulation results. The simulation results show strains decrease with rising of channel angles. The lower channel angles improve the deformation heterogeneity of magnesium alloy billets. Smaller channel angles obtain higher strains and produce tinier sub-grains. The forces of the CCES process decrease with rising of channel angles. The analysis results showed that finer and uniform microstructures can be obtained if channel angles in the CCES dies are appropriate.

Prof. Dr. Hongjun Hu Materials Science and Engineering College Chongqing University of Technology No.69 Hongguang Road, Banan District Chongqing 400050, China


This work was supported by the National Science Foundation of China (52071042, 51771038 and 51571040), and Chongqing Talent Project (cqyc202003047), as well as Chongqing Natural Science Foundation Project of cstc2018jcyjAX0249 and cstc-2018jcyjAX0653.


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Published in Print: 2021-08-31

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