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Development and properties of austempered low alloyed white cast iron

Mehmet Erdogan, Kemal Davut and Volkan Kilicli
From the journal Materials Testing


This study examined the response of low-alloy white cast iron to austempering heat treatment. In addition, it investigated the microstructure and mechanical properties of austempered low-alloy white cast iron. The low-alloy white cast iron specimens were austenitized at 900 °C, followed by quick quenching into a salt bath at 375 °C, and held there for 15 to 120 minutes for austempering heat treatment. Microstructural features were studied by optical, scanning electron microscopes, and XRD analysis. The mechanical properties were determined by hardness and unnotched Charpy impact toughness tests. As a function of those austempering times, a microstructural map was constructed to show how the transformation products develop, quantitatively. The experimental results showed that the austempering heat treatment produced a microstructure consisting of eutectic carbides + ausferritic structure in low-alloy white cast iron. It can be concluded that the low-alloy white cast iron can be austempered, similar to ductile cast irons. Improved hardness and impact toughness values have been obtained in austempered low-alloy white cast iron.

Volkan Kilicli Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Faculty of Technology Gazi University 06560 Teknikokullar/Ankara Turkey

Funding statement: The authors wish to acknowledge the financial supports of the Gazi University Scientific Project Coordination Unit (Project codes: GÜBAP 07/2012-26 and GÜBAP 07/2012-27). The author is also indebted to Duduoglu Steel Casting Company, Corum, Turkey, for castings of the Y blocks. The authors’ acknowledgments are also extended to the Metal Forming Center of Excellence in Atilim University for providing XRD and SEM facilities.


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