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Corrosion of brass subjected to cast-off cooking oil blended with diesel

Sangeetha Govindharajan, Saratha Raman, Viswapriya Shanmugam, Rajasekar Rathanasamy and Sathish Kumar Palaniappan
From the journal Materials Testing


With the aim of leaving a smaller ecological footprint and to develop fuels which will change the energy needs of the future in a sustainable manner, the present study aims at investigating the corrosion phenomenon of brass using biodiesel fuel from cast-off cooking oil (CCO) in various blending ratios with commercial diesel (5 %, 10 % and 20 %) on brass. The mechanism of corrosion of brass in biodiesel has not been adequately investigated, and in the literature there is still a drop in the knowledge of the corrosion of brass from which many diesel engine parts are made. The corrosion rate of brass has been evaluated by mass loss and electrochemical methods. As a complementary technique, conductivity was monitored before and after each test. Surface morphology was examined by optical microscope. The surface morphology of brass samples in NaCl was coated in dark deposits that indicated corrosion. Some pitting was found in O99, and no significant change was found in oil-diesel blends. There is a positive correlation between the corrosivity and conductivity of the test media. The wettability studies also assisted in determining the non-corrosive nature of biodiesel.

Prof. Dr. Rajasekar Rathanasamy Department of Mechanical Engineering Kongu Engineering College Erode – 638060, Tamil Nadu State, India


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