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Optimization of casting parameters for improved mechanical properties of eggshell reinforced composites

Shashi Prakash Dwivedi, Nagendra Kumar Maurya, Manish Maurya, Ambuj Saxena and Ashish Kumar Srivastava
From the journal Materials Testing


The tensile strength, hardness and toughness of any materials are the most important mechanical properties in the selection of materials for varied industrial applications. In the development of aluminum based composite material, tensile strength and hardness were significantly improved by adding various ceramic reinforcement particles. However, toughness was reduced. In this research work, an attempt was made to enhance tensile strength, hardness and toughness simultaneously by using carbonized eggshell as reinforcement material developed via electromagnetic stir casting. The process parameters used in this study are the matrix pouring temperature, wt.-% of the reinforcement; preheat temperature, stirring current and stirring time. Response surface methodology (RSM) is used for conducting the experiment. The multi-objective optimization technique utility theory is employed to optimize the combined mechanical properties viz. tensile strength, hardness and toughness. Microstructure results show that at the optimum level of process parameters, eggshells are uniformly distributed. Confirmation tests are conducted to validate the experimental results. Experimental results revealed that at optimum process parameters, hardness and tensile strength are significantly improved without affecting the toughness property of the composite. The optimum level of process parameters to enhance all mechanical properties (tensile strength, hardness and toughness) were found to be a reinforced preheating temperature of about 448.32 °C, a stirring current of about 11.64 A, a stirring time of about 63.64 s, a maximum pouring temperature of about 800.24 °C and a percentage of eggshells of about 9.16 %. The novelty of this work lies in the fact that no attempt was made to optimize these electromagnetic process parameters. Corrosion loss, thermal expansion behavior and a wear test were investigated to observe the effect of adding eggshell at optimum electromagnetic stir casting parameters.

Manish Maurya Department of Mechanical Engineering Accurate Institute of Management and Technology Greater Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar U. P. 201308, India


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