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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter July 20, 2018

Farewell and good luck to Nordic Pulp & Paper Research Journal

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After fourteen years as Scientific Editor and Editor-in-Chief of Nordic Pulp & Paper Research Journal (NPPRJ) I have decided to retire from these tasks. With this issue, Professor Tom Lindström takes over as Editor-in-Chief of the journal.

During these years, NPPRJ has undergone quite dramatic changes. When I was appointed as editor in 2004 the journal was owned by the Swedish Paper Engineer’s Association, SPCI, in a similar way to those published by, for example TAPPI, CPPA and APPITA.

In 2013 NPPRJ became a project run by ten Nordic Universities and was published as well as owned by one of them, Mid Sweden University. During this time the impact of NPPRJ as a scientific journal in its particular field of research has been rising steadily and now is on level with other journals of the same type. This year publishing has been taken over by the international scientific publisher De Gruyter, implying that NPPRJ now is a truly international scientific journal offering all the accessibility, marketing and services expected by authors and readers.

During the last decade, the digital revolution has dramatically changed not only the way NPPRJ is edited and published but also the working environment of the pulp and paper industry that traditionally has benefited from the research results published by us. Concomitantly, research projects on properties and utilization of wood as a raw material, as well as the criteria used for evaluation of research at universities and institutes have taken quite new directions. To respond to these changes implies great challenges for the journal. I cannot think of anyone that would be suited to meet these better than my successor, Tom Lindström. I wish him the best of progress.

For my part, I wish to thank all those people with whom I have enjoyed contacts and cooperation during the past years – authors, readers, editors, reviewers, board members, managing staff. It has been a pleasure to edit and develop NPPRJ together with you and I am convinced that the future of the journal is bright.

Published Online: 2018-07-20
Published in Print: 2018-09-25

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