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BY 4.0 license Open Access Published by De Gruyter Open Access April 12, 2019

Antioxidant Properties, Sensory Evaluation and Mineral Content of Cardaba Banana and Plantain Flours

  • Babalola R. Taiwo EMAIL logo and Taiwo A. Kehinde
From the journal Open Agriculture


Unripe cardaba banana and plantain slices were processed into flour. The effects of treatment (blanching/unblanched) and drying method (sun, 50ºC and 70ºC) were recorded. The antioxidant properties of the flour samples, sensory evaluation and minerals content were all determined. DPPH, TPC, FRAP and Metal chelating abilities were higher in cardaba flour (89.77 to 99.18%, 15.00 to 46.00 μgGAE/100g, 0.28 to 0.69 AAEμg/g and 38.90 to 96.53%) than in plantain (91.32 to 98.17%, 10.00 to 34.00 μgGAE/100g, 0.28 to 0.52 AAEμg/g and 33.71 to 94.98%) samples. Calcium, zinc and phosphorus were lower in cardaba banana flour compared to plantain flour. In overall acceptability, amala (a traditional South-western Nigerian meal) from blanched and unblanched cardaba banana flour was preferred to amala from blanched and unblanched plantain flour. Amala from oven-dried samples was considered better than sun-dried samples.


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Received: 2018-05-22
Accepted: 2018-12-29
Published Online: 2019-04-12

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