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BY 4.0 license Open Access Published by De Gruyter Open Access September 18, 2019

Functional Foods for elderly people: new paths for multi “functional” agriculture

  • Filomena Chiara , Fiorella Pia Salvatore EMAIL logo , Fedele Colantuono and Mariantonietta Fiore
From the journal Open Agriculture


Nowadays a growing interest in how agritourism could be able to promote alternative nutrition stands out. The increase in the number of elderly has determined a desire for quality of life improvement; consequently, more attention has been paid to the role of food and their contents. A diet comprising Functional Foods could help not only to improve life quality of an aging population, as these foods are potentially capable to improve health and well-being; but they could also reduce health risks or delay the onset of serious pathologies. Moreover, scientific evidence of the correlation between diet and health for the elderly population, having a sedentary lifestyle and even a constant increase in healthcare costs, have addressed the interest in healthier food products. The aim of this paper was to design new food-based paths for agritourism farms that could promote health, nutritional and cultural values. To define these paths, a two steps analysis was carried out: (1) opinion collection from elderly and agritourism operators and (2) definition of a logical framework.

Results highlighted that differentiating what is offered could increase health levels of elderly and create new multi “functional” shapes for agritourism farms aimed at both offering local and Functional Foods for elderly and at spreading social-tradition values.


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Received: 2019-04-08
Accepted: 2019-07-24
Published Online: 2019-09-18

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