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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published online by De Gruyter January 21, 2022

Progress of albumin-polymer conjugates as efficient drug carriers

Radhika Raveendran, You Dan Xu, Nidhi Joshi and Martina H. Stenzel


Albumin is a protein that has garnered wide attention in nanoparticle-based drug delivery of cancer therapeutics due to its natural abundance and unique cancer-targeting ability. The propensity of albumin to naturally accumulate in tumours, further augmented by the incorporation of targeting ligands, has made the field of albumin-polymer conjugate development a much pursued one. Polymerization techniques such as RAFT and ATRP have paved the path to incorporate various polymers in the design of albumin-polymer hybrids, indicating the advancement of the field since the first instance of PEGylated albumin in 1977. The synergistic combination of albumin and polymer endows manifold features to these macromolecular hybrids to evolve as next generation therapeutics. The current review is successive to our previously published review on drug delivery vehicles based on albumin-polymer conjugates and aims to provide an update on the progress of albumin-polymer conjugates. This review also highlights the alternative of exploring albumin-polymer conjugates formed via supramolecular, non-covalent interactions. Albumin-based supramolecular polymer systems provide a versatile platform for functionalization, thereby, holding great potential in enhancing cytotoxicity and controlled delivery of therapeutic agents.

Article note:

A special collection of invited papers by recipients of the 2021 IUPAC Distinguished Women in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Awards.

Corresponding author: Martina H. Stenzel, School of Chemistry, University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW 2052, Australia, e-mail:


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Published Online: 2022-01-21

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