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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter Saur October 1, 2015

Currents and Comments

1 Projects and News

1.1 CUTE 2015 Master Class Series on Culture and Technology – Mons, Belgium

CUTE, which stands for culture and technology, is a yearly master class series organized by the Université de Mons, Institute for New Media Art Technology. The series brings together a panel of experts in various high-tech fields. This year’s classes will be held August 28–29, 2015. The speakers will cover a variety of topics such as digital cultural heritage opportunities, challenges, and approaches, human-computer interaction, machine learning, and signal processing. For the full program and list of keynote speakers see

1.2 UNESCO Memory of the World Program Recognizes the Historical Value and Significance to the Collective Memory of Documentary Collections of Colombia – Colombia

Two programs were recently recognized in the Memory of the World Register, Latin America and the Caribbean for their significant contributions to the collective memory of Colombia: the “Cabildo Colonial de la Villa of the City of Medellin: Section Cologne Council of the Historic Archive of the Medellin,” and the book Tiberio Lives Today: Testimonies of The Life of a Martyr,” which was created with the Tiberio Fernandez Mafia Archives of the Directorate of Human Rights of the National Center of Historical Memory. For more information see

 (Left) View from Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France (Right) Kensington Gardens, London, UKPhotos by Vanessa Reyes, 2011

(Left) View from Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France (Right) Kensington Gardens, London, UK

Photos by Vanessa Reyes, 2011

1.3 3D Reconstruction and Interactive Technologies at the Crypt of Saint Lucia – Brindisi, Italy

The Consorzio CETMA recently announced that as part of its 2007–13 IT@CHA project “Italian Technologies for Advanced Applications in Cultural Heritage,” a survey to create a virtual reconstruction of Saint Lucia’s crypt of the Church of the Holy Trinity, Saint Lucia, in Brindisi, Italy, was carried out. The project used virtual augmented reality and multimedia applications to create the translation of geometry for the reconstruction of the 3D model and its use in real time. For the full story see Archeomatica,

1.4 The Zamani Project – Meroe, Sudan

Since 2004 the Zamani project – part of the Zamani African Cultural Heritage Sites Trust – has documented African historical sites in more than a dozen countries. Sites include buildings, rock art, and cultural landscapes. The aim of this project is to create an accurate digital record of Africa’s architectural and cultural heritage. The project is led by Dr. Heinz Rüther of the University of Cape Town’s Geomatics division. In March 2015 the project returned to Sudan to digitally record the Pyramids of Meroe (Begarawiyah), which is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. For more information see the project site at

1.5 The Museum of Digital Art – Zurich, Switzerland

The Museum of Digital Art, MuDA, which opens in January 2016, will be Europe’s first physical and virtual museum dedicated to digital arts. MuDA is dedicated to the art of code. It will have a virtual presence online and a physical presence in the ground floor of the first high-rise building of Zurich, Switzerland. MuDA was initiated by the non-profit Digital Arts Association. The museum will host three exhibitions each year as well as computer workshops, panel discussions, and lectures related to digital technology and society. The website is the virtual version of MuDA; explore it at

1.6 The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) welcomes its 50th Member: Loughborough University – Loughborough, UK

The DPC is pleased to welcome Loughborough University as its 50th associate member. Loughborough University has particular strengths in information management and information policy. Its programs explore the technical, legal, and ethical aspects of data creation, use, and dissemination. To read more go to

1.7 MoU Signed between PREFORMA and the Impact Centre of Competence in Digitization – UK

To promote the use and quality check of common standards for text digitization and long-term preservation, a memorandum of understanding has been signed between PREFORMA and the Impact Centre of Competence in Digitization. To learn more about this collaboration see

1.8 Developing a New Toolset for Addressing Preservation Issues with PDF/A Files – UK

The veraPDF Consortium is developing a new toolset for addressing preservation issues with PDF/A files. The project tools will be developed to authenticate PDF/A files and enable the checking of any PDF/A against institutional standards. The tools will improve the quality of PDF/A’s while also allowing organizations to recognize problematic PDF/A’s in their archives. To follow this project go to

1.9 The University of California Libraries Are Digitizing Millions of Books – California, USA

The UC Libraries, in concert with the California Digital Library (CDL), the Internet Archive, Google, and others, are conducting an ongoing project to digitize millions of books from their collections. These projects will provide students, staff, and the public with enhanced access to the UC Libraries’ collections. For more about this project see

1.10 A Five-year Digitization and Inventory Project at Stanford University’s Cantor Arts Center Will Soon Be Live – Stanford, California, USA

The Stanford University Cantor Arts Center will soon be able to provide digital access to its encyclopedic collection. Students, faculty, and the public will have access to the holdings this fall. Many of the photographed objects are available online now. To view the collection go to

1.11 Smithsonian Science Blog Reports Digitized, Searchable Archives Revive “Sleeping” Languages – Washington, DC, USA

Featured on the Smithsonian science news blog is a description of the digitization of the surviving written records of dormant Native American languages. These records are housed at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, the Library of Congress, and the Smithsonian’s National Anthropological Archives. The languages are now easily accessible to researchers who are interested in teaching and preserving Native American languages. For more information about these collections see

1.12 The Yale Beinecke Library Digitizes Sesame Street Videocassettes – New Haven, CT, USA

The classic children’s television show, Sesame Street – and its beloved characters Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird – are now being digitized as part of an initiative to preserve and make accessible more than 2,000 videocassettes in the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library’s collections at Yale University. The “Sesame Street” tapes are from the archive of Tony Geiss, a longtime staff writer and songwriter for the classic children’s program. The project is a collaborative effort in the Yale University Library involving staff from Yale Library IT, Manuscripts & Archives, and the Beinecke. Read more in Yale news report at

1.13 PREMIS III Is Now Available – Washington, DC, USA

The PREMIS version 3.0 is now available. It is a revised data model that contains enhanced information about software and hardware environments and intellectual entities. The PREMIS Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata version 3.0 is available from

1.14 Open-Sourcing the Museum of Modern Art’s Digital Vault – New York, NY, USA

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) introduces Binder, a Web application designed for overseeing and managing the active preservation of digital collections. It was developed by MoMA and Artefactual Systems. MoMA has released Binder as free, open-source software for anyone to use, adopt, modify, and redistribute. Binder was developed to facilitate active management, access, and big-picture analysis of MoMA’s digital collections. While Archivematica addressed the foundational questions of bit preservation and long-term legibility of digital files, MoMA found it necessary to develop this additional tool to fully manage their collection. See a demo here: Additional sites include Binder on GitHub:; Binder documentation at; and Binder user forum at!forum/binder-repository. Read the full announcement at

1.15 Aga Khan Documentation Center Receives Noted Scholar’s Archive – Cambridge, MA, USA

Yasser Tabbaa, an Islamic art and architecture scholar, has donated his archive to the Aga Khan Documentation Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Tabbaa’s most recent book is Najaf: The Gate of Wisdom (UNESCO, 2014). To read more go to

1.16 The New England Media & Memory Coalition – Boston, MA, USA

PDT&C “Tech-nostalgia” author John Campopiano, Digital Records Manager at Frontline/WGBH-T, has organized the New England Media & Memory Coalition (NEMMC). It brings together professionals of many backgrounds (digital informatics, archives, visual arts, preservation, and conservation) to discuss new projects and ideas that concern nostalgia, transformative art, digital archiving, and popular culture. NEMMC will produce a quarterly digital newsletter, maintain a website, and host meet-up events. More information will be available soon. For information contact and @Technostalgia1 on Twitter.

1.17 United States Copyright Office Mass Digitization Pilot Program 2015

The U. S. Copyright Office is developing a limited pilot program and corresponding draft legislation that would establish a legal framework known as “extended collective licensing” for certain mass digitization activities that are currently beyond the reach of the Copyright Act. They have issued a request to interested parties to submit specific recommendations regarding the operational aspects of the pilot program, within the limitations and legal framework described in the office’s Orphan Works and Mass Digitization report. For more information see

2 Exhibits and Events

2.1 The Digital Library Federation Forum 2015 – Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Digital Library Federation (DLF) is a diverse community of practitioners who advance research, learning, and the public good through digital library technologies. The DLF promotes collaboration among its institutional members and everyone with an interest in digital library issues. The 2015 DLF Forum will be held in Vancouver, BC, October 26–28. Keynote speaker Dr. Safiya U. Noble will open the 2015 Forum. For more details consult

2.2 The 19th Annual Media Arts Festival – Japan

The Japan Media Arts Festival is an annual event sponsored by Media Arts (Media Geijutsu) that honors outstanding works from a diverse range of media, including animation, comics, media art, and games. The festival gives awards in each of its four divisions: Art, Entertainment, Animation, and Manga. Since its inception in 1997, the festival has recognized significant works of high artistry and creativity. To read more about the festival go to

2.3 Preservation and Conservation Workshop in Kenya – Nakuru, Kenya

The National Library of South Africa Preservation Services section in partnership with the PAC Centre for English-speaking Africa of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and the Mount Kenya University (Kakamega Campus) presented a two-day Preservation and Conservation workshop for participants from Anglophone countries in Africa. The workshop was held in Kenya, February 3–4, 2015, at the Kenya National Library Service in Nakuru. Topics included disaster planning and recovery, integrated pest management, de-acidification treatment, climate control, and preservation policy development. A practical demonstration was done of building a wind tunnel for the drying of wet books. Strategic directions for the IFLA Preservation and Conservation Strategic Program for 2015–2017 were discussed. For more about this workshop see

2.4 CultureTECH: Northern Ireland’s Innovation Festival – Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland

This year, CultureTECH festival will be held September 11–20, 2015. The event takes place each September in Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland. The festival is open access. CultureTECH is partnering with the BBC’s “Make It Digital” program to foster public engagement. Read more about it at

2.5 International Workshop on Graphics Recognition – Gammarth, Tunisia

The International Association for Pattern Recognition will host an international workshop on Graphics Recognition (GREC 2015) in Gammarth, Tunisia, August 20–21, 2015. The workshop—organized by the Technical Committee on Graphics Recognition—will take place at the Ramada Plaza Tunis Hotel. The GREC workshops will provide an excellent opportunity for researchers and practitioners to network and share new ideas about graphics recognition methods. View more information at

2.6 Brighton Digital Festival – Brighton and Hove, UK

The Brighton Digital Festival will take place from September 1 to 27, 2015. New commissions will support a curated contemporary digital arts program at the festival, along with the hundreds of independently organized digital culture events. These include exhibitions, performances, hack-a-thons, meet-ups, workshops, and outdoor events, which run alongside Brighton’s iconic digital conferences. For more details visit

2.7 Digital Preservation Coalition: Preserving-Social-Media Briefing Day – London, UK

The DPC will host a preserving-social-media event on October 27, 2015, at the Wellcome Collection in London. Briefing Day presents a diverse range of topics on the challenges of curating, archiving, and sharing social media data. It brings together practitioners who work with social media data across many sectors, including social sciences, data science, journalism, archives, libraries, and research data management. This year’s Briefing Day will also launch the “Technology Watch Report” which was developed as part of the Economic and Social Research Council’s “Big Data Network” program. More information is available at the DPC website:

2.8 DPC: Digital Preservation Roadshow 2015 – UK

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) will hold a series of workshops for collection managers, archivists, librarians, and conservators to provide them with the skills to practice digital preservation. The DPC Roadshow will be touring the UK in 2015.

The day-long introductions assume no prior knowledge except a willingness to practice digital preservation. Through a series of presentations, case studies, and exercises, participants will learn how to apply techniques of assessment, risk management, and planning to secure their digital collections. For more about the roadshow visit

2.9 Democratizing Cultural Heritage through Digital Means – Manchester, UK

The Democratizing Cultural Heritage through Digital Means Conference will take place in Greater Manchester (UK) October 12–13, 2015. The focus of the conference is the varied and innovative ways in which archives, museums, libraries, and higher education engage with audiences today. Whether through the creation of digital discovery tools, mass digitization, and online delivery of content, or through the creation of new virtual user interfaces, digital technology complements traditional analogue formats to enhance user experience. This conference will explore the possibilities and also the pitfalls of digital engagement.

For more information see the event website at

2.10 The Third IEEE Workshop on Big Humanities Data – Santa Clara, California, USA

The third IEEE Workshop on Big Humanities Data will be held on Thursday, October 29, 2015, in Santa Clara, California, in conjunction with the 2015 IEEE International Conference on Big Data. The workshop will address applications of “big data” in the humanities, arts, culture, and social science and the challenges and possibilities that such increased scale brings for scholarship in these areas. For more information see

2.11 Symposium and Workshop “TechFocus III: Caring for Software-based Art” – New York, New York, USA

TechFocus III, Caring for Software-based Art, will take place at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York City September 25–26, 2015. The list of speakers and instructors includes Helen Bailey, Annet Dekker, Dragan Espenschied, Ben Fino-Radin, Martina Haidvogl, Mona Jimenez, Jürg Lehni, Jiwon Shin, Siebren Versteeg, and Glenn Wharton. Topics include the history of software-based art and its underlying technology, code analysis, documentation methods, risk assessment, storage and access, and strategies for long-term preservation. Four practical exercises will introduce participants to the concepts of coding, version control as a preservation tool, disk imaging, and emulation. The program aims to advance the development of standards and best practice in the care and conservation of digital contemporary art.

For details see

2.12 The Digital Preservation Management (DPM) Workshops – New York, New York, USA

The DPM recently launched a set of management tools that are now available. Nancy Y. McGovern, Director, DPM Workshops, and member of PDT&C’s editorial board, led the online webinars hosted by the Metropolitan New York Library Council, which used the first of the management tools, digital curation, and preservation principles to review the other tools and to provide a framework for organizations to develop a sustainable digital preservation program. More at

2.13 Sustainable Development Goals: The Impact of Access to Information on Our Societies e-forum

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and the Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR), are organizing an e-forum on “Sustainable Development Goals: The Impact of Access to Information on our Societies” which will take place September 7–18, 2015. This online event will provide a forum for institutions to discuss how libraries and information centers can promote the adoption of access to information as part of the post-2015 agenda, in particular United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The event will include webcasts by experts to provide important background information for participants. See more about the e-forum at

3 Conferences

3.1 COAR Annual Meeting & General Assembly 2016 – Vienna, Austria

The Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) Annual Meeting and the General Assembly 2016 will be held April 12–13, 2016 in Vienna, Austria, hosted by the University of Vienna. The program will feature workshops and conference sessions along with the COAR General Assembly. General and logistical information will be available soon on the COAR website:

3.2 SOIMA 2015: Unlocking Sound and Image Heritage – Brussels, Belgium

Sound and Image Collections Conservation, a multi-partner program of ICCROM, is holding their 2015 conference in Brussels from September 3–4. This year’s conference will include participants from dozens of countries. The themes are memory, intangible heritage, and creative expressions; sustaining sound and image heritage; and creative use and access. For the conference program see

3.3 BIREDIAL-ISTEC 2015 International Conference – Barranquilla, Columbia

North University, in collaboration with the Latin American Consortium for Education in Science and Technology (ISTEC), the University of Rosario, the National University of La Plata, the University of Costa Rica, and the Universidade Federal of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), will host the fifth BIREDIAL-ISTEC International Conference from November 17–21, 2015, at the University of the North (Barranquilla, Colombia). The event includes the 5th International Conference on Libraries and Digital Repositories in Latin America and the 10th International Symposium on the Digital Library (SIBD’15) November 20–21, 2015. For more information about the conference see

3.4 Open Access Scientific Communication and Digital Preservation, to be held at the University of North Barranquilla, Colombia

The Colombian Digital Library, the Latin American Consortium for Education in Science and Technology Center (ISTEC) Implementation of Public Policies Promoting Equity and Growth (CIPPEC) will host the first meeting to involve three international conferences on Open Access, Scientific Communication, and Digital Preservation, to be held at the University of North Barranquilla, Colombia, November 13–16, 2015. They are: the International Conference on Libraries and Digital Repositories – BIREDIAL’12, the Iberoamerican Conference on Electronic Publishing in the Context of Scientific Communication – CIPECC’12, and the International Symposium on Digital Library – SIBD’12. See

3.5 IASA 46th Annual Conference – Paris, France

The International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA) 46th annual conference will be hosted at the Bibliothèque nationale de Paris, France, September 27–October 1. The theme is “All for One – One for All: Common Concerns – Shared Solutions.” For conference details consult

3.6 DiXiT Convention – The Hague, Netherlands

The Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands is organizing the first of DiXiT’s three conventions. It will be held September 16–18, 2015, in The Hague, The Netherlands. The convention will be an informal meeting where the DiXiT fellows will give presentations on their research. The event will be a chance for collaboration, feedback, and networking in scholarly editing and digital humanities. For more information see the conference site at

3.7 International Conference on Culture and Computing – Kyoto University, Japan

Culture and computing is a new research area that looks at cultural issues in international communities – particularly in information and communication technologies. The International Conference on Culture and Computing focuses on archiving cultural heritage to empower humanities research. The 2015 conference, which will be held October 17–19, will provide an opportunity to share research on the future of culture and computing. The conference – established in Kyoto in 2010 – has been held there every two years since 2011. To learn more about the conference see

3.8 EAGLE 2016 International Conference on Digital and Traditional Epigraphy in Context – Rome, Italy

The 2016 International Conference on Digital and Traditional Epigraphy will take place in Rome, Italy, from January 27 to 29. The theme of the conference is information technology and cultural heritage. The conference will focus on the significant consequences in the field of Epigraphy and Classical Studies where the vast potential for digital resources has emerged. Many technological developments concerning digital libraries, research, and education are now fully developed and ready to be exported, applied, used, and cultivated by the public. For conference details see

3.9 e-AGE 2015 Revealing and Harvesting Knowledge – Rabat, Morocco

The fifth annual e-Age conference will take place December 7–8, 2015, sponsored by the Arab Organization for Quality Assurance in Education (AROQA). The conference will include several workshops and meetings: the 8th Event on Euro-Mediterranean e-Infrastructure, the 5th annual meeting of ASREN/EUMEDCONNECT3, and the Africaconnect2 Project Meeting.

The AROQA 7th Annual Conference and the AROQA Workshop on Ensuring Congruence between Internal and External Quality Assurance will also be held. For information on all of these meetings go to

3.10 Digital Strategies for Heritage (DISH) 2015 – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Digital Strategies for Heritage (DISH) is a bi-annual international conference on digital heritage and the opportunities it offers to cultural organizations. Changes in society cause heritage organizations to face many challenges, particularly with the way people are creating their digital life histories. This year the 4th meeting of the Digital Strategies for Heritage conference will be jointly organized by the DEN Foundation (Digital Heritage Netherlands), Het Nieuwe Institute, and Europeana. To read more about this year’s theme, “Money and Power,” see the DISH webpage at

3.11 (TPDL) 2015: XIX Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries – Poznań, Poland

The International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries (TPDL) is a leading scientific forum on digital libraries that brings together researchers, developers, content providers, and users in the field of digital libraries. TPDL 2015 will be hosted by Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center and will be held in Poznań, Poland, from September 14–18, 2015. The conference theme for this year is “Connecting Digital Collections.” The TPDL 2015 proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series. For the conference schedule see

3.12 The 7th International Conference on Management of Computational and Collective Intelligence in Digital Eco Systems (MEDES’15) – Sao Paulo, Brazil

The MEDES’15 conference will be held in Caraguatatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The conference will bring together a diverse community of academics, research laboratories, and industries interested in exploring the challenges and issues related to Web technologies and resource management of digital ecosystems. Conference presenters will have the opportunity to present their research. The conference proceedings will be published and indexed by the ACM Digital Library and DBLP. For more information see

3.13 Asian Digital Library Conference ICADL 2015, Yonsei University – Seoul, Korea

The 2015 Asian Digital Library Conference will take place at Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea, during December 9–12, 2015. The conference will explore digital libraries as a broad foundation for interaction with information and information management in a digital world. The conference organizers are seeking work related to the conference theme of providing high-quality digital information regardless of whether it is raw data streams, audio-visual, mapping, 3D content, text, social media, compound publications, or the metadata that describes the resource and its provenance. For the full conference program refer to

3.14 Conference on E-Journal Archiving – Edinburgh, UK

The University of Edinburgh will be hosting the international conference on E-Journal Archiving on September 7, 2015. The conference is organized as part of the Jisc-supported Keepers Extra project, “Taking the Long View,” which brings together international archiving agencies, representatives from national libraries, and research libraries and consortia, to exchange knowledge, share ideas, and discuss requirements for potential global collaboration to increase preservation coverage and tackle the “long tail.” The conference page is available on the Keepers Extra 2015 blog at

3.15 Grey Forum Pre-Conference Workshop – UK

“Grey Literature and Digital Preservation: Standards in Practice” is a pre-conference workshop organized by GreyNet International together with speakers from the Open Preservation Foundation (United Kingdom), ISTI-CNR (Italy), NIS-IAEA (Austria), and CERN (Switzerland). Grey Literature and Digital Preservation is geared to service providers, publishers, librarians, archivists, and other information professionals in government, academics, business, and industry involved in the curation and preservation of grey literature resources. See their website at

3.16 DCDC15: Exploring New Digital Destinations for Heritage and Academia – Manchester, UK

The Discovering Collections, Discovering Communities (DCDC) conference, sponsored by the National Archives and the Research Libraries of the United Kingdom, will be held in Greater Manchester October 12–14, 2015. The focus of the DCDC has been on the advancement of digital knowledge and content across the heritage and academic sectors. Through the creation of digital discovery tools, mass digitization and online delivery of content, or by the creation of new virtual interfaces, digital technology complements traditional analog formats to create a rich user experience. Creation and curation of digital content provides opportunities for audiences to engage actively with collections and the research based on them. For the full conference program see

3.17 Saving the Now: Crossing Boundaries to Conserve Contemporary Works – Los Angeles, CA, USA

The Industrial Internet Consortium will enable the creation of the Industrial Internet which is essential to U. S. competitiveness in key industries. The next meeting will be held September 12–16, 2016. Whether considering works of art, architecture, products of contemporary design, or other media, the profession is having to adapt to an expanding set of values and demands, while attempting to maintain existing ethics, philosophies, and best practices. Read more at

3.18 iConference 2016 – Philadelphia, PA, USA

The iConference 2016 will be hosted by Drexel University’s College of Computing & Informatics and will take place March 20–23, 2016, in historic Philadelphia, PA, at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel. The iConference is presented by the iSchools (, a worldwide association of Information Schools dedicated to advancing the information field, and preparing students to meet the information challenges of the 21st century. Affiliation with the iSchools is not required – all information scholars, researchers, and practitioners are welcome. The conference theme, “Partnership with Society,” examines the dynamic, evolving role of information science and its benefits to society. The conference includes peer-reviewed papers, posters, workshops, and sessions for interaction and engagement, interspersed with many opportunities for networking. Authors and organizers can submit materials using the secure submissions website: The official proceedings will be published in the open access Illinois Digital Environment for Access to Learning and Scholarship. Visit the iConference website for more information, including sample topics and links to past proceedings:

3.19 Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference – Roanoke, Virginia, USA

The next Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC) will take place in Roanoke, Virginia, October 8–10, 2015. The conference will host workshops to seek additional means of increasing professional competence, preserving local historical resources, and promoting cooperation with colleagues in related fields. To see the conference program go to

3.20 Archiving 2016 – Washington, DC, USA

The IS&T Archiving Conference welcomes an international community of imaging experts and technicians as well as curators, managers, and researchers from libraries, archives, museums, records management repositories, information technology institutions, and commercial enterprises to explore and discuss opportunities in the digitization of cultural heritage and archiving. The conference presents the latest research results on digitization and curation, and provides a forum to explore new strategies and policies. The conference also reports on successful projects that can be benchmarks. The Archiving 2016 conference will have workshops, papers, keynote talks, and peer-reviewed presentations. For more details, go to

5 Reports

5.1 Just Published: A Chinese Translation of Guidelines for Planning the Digitization of Rare Book and Manuscript Collections

The Rare Books and Special Collections section of IFLA announces the Chinese translation of the Guidelines for Planning the Digitization of Rare Book and Manuscript Collections prepared by Wu Zhongchao, Peng Xishuāng, and Shen Jing. It is available as a free PDF file at

5.2 Workshop Report on Library and Archive Material Mitigation of Water-Damage – Colombo, Sri Lanka

A workshop on water-damage mitigation for libraries and archives was held February 18–19, 2015, at the National Library and Documentation Services Board (NLDSB) of Sri Lanka. The workshop was organized by National Library and the UNESCO Memory of the World National Committee of Sri Lanka and sponsored by the Goethe Institute. During the workshop the NLDSB formed a library disaster recovery team whose main objective is to assist libraries in the country to recover documentary heritage in a disaster. For the full report see

5.3 ARSC Guide Released – Washington, DC, USA

The Council on Library and Information Resources has recently published an invaluable guide to preserving sound recordings: the ARSC Guide to Audio Preservation. The guide was commissioned for and sponsored by the National Recording Preservation Board of the Library of Congress and co-published by the Association for Recorded Sound Collections, the Council on Library and Information Resources, and the Library of Congress. A practical introduction to caring for and preserving audio collections, it is aimed at collectors and institutions. To access the guide go to

5.4 FY2014 Preservation Statistics Survey Report, Chicago, IL, USA

The FY2014 Preservation Statistics Survey Report has been published. Eighty-seven institutions responded to the FY2014 survey, facilitating the analysis of preservation activities for fiscal year 2014 and the evaluation of trends in conservation, collection assessment and digitization, exhibit prep, general preservation activities, reformatting, digitization, and digital preservation activities. This year the survey focused on trends in digitization, particularly of audiovisual materials. The Preservation Statistics Survey is a project to document and analyze the preservation activities of cultural heritage institutions in the United States. The survey is coordinated by the Preservation and Reformatting Section of the American Library Association and the Association of Library Collections and Technical Services. For more information, visit the Preservation Statistics website:

The FY2014 Survey data set is also now available for download; see

5.5 NISO Releases Draft Technical Report on SUSHI-Lite for Public Trial and Comment – Baltimore, MD, USA

The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) is seeking trial users and comments on the draft technical report, SUSHI-Lite: Deploying SUSHI as a lightweight protocol for exchanging usage via web services, NISO TR-06-201X. SUSHI-LITE is part of the Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiatives. The technical report proposes and describes a method of exchanging COUNTER statistics ranging from usage for a single article to a complete COUNTER report, using common approaches to Web services. The SUSHI-Lite technical report does not replace the SUSHI standard but supplements it with an alternative approach for requesting and exchanging usage. The draft technical report is open for public comment through September 30, 2015. To download the draft or submit online comments, see the SUSHI-Lite Working Group web page at

Books Received

Mon, Lorri. Social Media and Library Services. N. p.: Morgan & Claypool, 2015.

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