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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter December 19, 2008

TinyOS Motes on the Internet: IPv6 over 802.15.4 (6lowpan)

  • M. Harvan and J. Schönwälder


Wireless sensor networks have so far used custom, light-weight network protocols. Given the common presence of 802.15.4 radio interfaces, it becomes feasible to connect motes directly to the global Internet using the 6lowpan adaptation layer. By natively supporting IPv6, motes become first-class Internet citizens capable of communication with any other IPv6-enabled host and benefit from the standardized and already established technology. To this end, a 6lowpan/IPv6 stack has been implemented for TinyOS 2.0. The paper gives an overview of this implementation, describes the motivations behind design decisions, provides an evaluation of the implementation, and briefly compares it to other implementations.

Published Online: 2008-12-19
Published in Print: 2008-December

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