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ISA – Towards an Integrative Service Architecture for Telcos

Ernst-Joachim Steffens, Jörg Heuer and Heinrich Arnold
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Both increasing competition from established web companies and over-the-top players, and business opportunities from new Web 2.0 related services give reason to telcos to open up their service delivery platforms for integrative offerings in the frame of the Web 2.0 service ecosystem. While the web community provides innovative and hyped services that are open and can enrich telco service offerings, telcos help the user to manage digital assets across networks and devices with superior user experience. To benefit from both sides, users desire maximum flexibility and ease of use in deliberately combining components from Web and telco players to integrated services. From telcos's point of view, new models of co-creation need to be implemented to meet this demand, and to extend their reach beyond the traditional network customer basis.

This paper investigates and discusses major design principles needed for a telco SDP architecture bringing together the best of telco and Web worlds: establishing the enabler sphere, opening up to bidirectional service integration and supporting user centricity as a fundamental concept of the Web 2.0.

Published Online: 2010-04-12
Published in Print: 2010-January

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