Accessible Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter July 8, 2011

Mechanical and thermal properties of polymer micro- and nanocomposites

Stephan J. Picken, Alexander V. Korobko, Eduardo Mendes, Ben Norder, Veronika V. Makarova, Gleb B. Vasilyev, Valeriy V. Karbushev and Mariya Yu. Tolstykh
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We have analyzed the thermal conductivity and the tensile modulus of composite materials within the framework of the Halpin-Tsai and Lewis-Nielsen models. The parameter linking thermal conductivity and tensile modulus together is the shape factor of the (nano)filler. Model analysis based on experimental data shows that particle aggregation into a weak mechanical network may be required to achieve good correlation between thermal conductivity and the Young’s modulus when analyzing the data within the framework of a single model and requiring the same value of the shape factor. We believe this approach will make quantitative analysis of nanocomposite thermal properties possible.

Published Online: 2011-07-08
Published in Print: 2011-07-01

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