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An analysis of stress-dependent harmony in Servigliano

Joan Mascaró
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On the base of the data in Camilli (Archivum Romanicum 13: 220–251, 1929), this paper gives a complete descriptive analysis of the complex system of stress-dependent harmonies of the dialect of Servigliano (Marche, Italy). Harmonic effects that affect the posttonic, tonic, pretonic and proclitic domains are derived from a limited number of constraints. Two constraints favor autosegmental spreading in different domains and two constraints impose right-to-left directionality through positional faithfulness in two prominent positions: stressed syllables and inflectional suffixes. Changes in stressed and pretonic position are limited to gradual raising by local conjunction of two faithfulness constraints. The paper also examines cases of morphologized metaphony, low vowel opacity, the influence of proclitic secondary stress, and discusses previous analyses.

Published Online: 2011-06-13
Published in Print: 2011-June

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