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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton August 31, 2016

Stressed postverbal pronominals in Catalan

  • Marianna Nadeu EMAIL logo , Miquel Simonet and Miquel Llompart
From the journal Probus


Majorcan Catalan postverbal pronominal elements are typically described as being prominent due to stress shift from their host. This study sheds light on the prosodic phonology of these pronouns through the analysis of duration, vowel quality, and f0 in verb+pronominal sequences, which are compared to a baseline condition without pronominals and to the same sequences in a Catalan variety without stress shift. Our results show acoustic differences in the realization of pronominals in these varieties. The duration and vowel quality patterns are consistent with the stress shift account of postverbal pronominals in Majorcan Catalan. Analysis of f0 contours also reveals phonological differences across varieties. Whereas stressed postverbal pronominals are not rare in Romance, Majorcan Catalan is one of a much reduced number of varieties within the Romance domain, where the attachment of a pronominal element to a host triggers “true” stress shift rather than an additional prominence on the pronominal element, like Sardinian or Neapolitan.


We would like to thank the two anonymous reviewers and the editor for constructive criticism that has helped improve the quality of the manuscript. In addition, we are grateful to Joaquín Romero for facilitating our data collection at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Speech Analysis Unit).


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