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BY-NC-ND 4.0 license Open Access Published by De Gruyter Open Access December 29, 2017

Error Free Quantum Reading by Quasi Bell State of Entangled Coherent States

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Nonclassical states of light field have been exploited to provide marvellous results in quantum information science. Usefulness of nonclassical states in quantum information science depends on whether a physical parameter as a signal is continuous or discrete. Here we present an investigation of the potential of quasi Bell states of entangled coherent states in quantum reading of the classical digital memory which was pioneered by Pirandola (Phys.Rev.Lett.,106,090504,2011). This is a typical example of discrimination for discrete quantum parameters. We show that the quasi Bell state gives the error free performance in the quantum reading that cannot be obtained by any classical state.


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Received: 2017-11-15
Accepted: 2017-12-19
Published Online: 2017-12-29
Published in Print: 2017-12-20

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