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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter September 23, 2020

SAPO-34 zeotype membrane for gas sweetening

I Gusti B. N. Makertihartha , Kevin S. Kencana ORCID logo , Theodorus R. Dwiputra , Khoiruddin Khoiruddin ORCID logo , Graecia Lugito ORCID logo , Rino R. Mukti ORCID logo and I Gede Wenten ORCID logo EMAIL logo


Membranes are considered promising tools for gas sweetening due to their lower footprint (i.e., area and energy requirement, considering elimination of solvent/absorbent and its associated regeneration procedures), and ease of scale-up. Performing membrane gas separation is strongly dependent on membrane materials. With a 0.38-nm pore size, the SAPO-34 membrane surpasses the upper bond limit for CO2/CH4 separation. However, preparing defect-free and high-performance zeolite membranes is quite challenging. This paper reviews gas transport and separation mechanisms in SAPO-34 membranes, and it discusses prospective approaches for obtaining membranes with defect-free selective layers and hence high separation performance. Highlights, as well as the authors’ perspectives on the future development of SAPO-34 membranes in the field of gas separation, are pointed out.

Corresponding author: I Gede Wenten, Department of Chemical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Jl. Ganesha No. 10, Bandung, Indonesia; and Research Center for Nanosciences and Nanotechnology, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Jl. Ganesha No. 10, Bandung, Indonesia, E-mail:

Funding source: Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology

Award Identifier / Grant number: World Class Research Program

  1. Author contribution: All the authors have accepted responsibility for the entire content of this submitted manuscript and approved submission.

  2. Research funding: This research is funded by the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology under World Class Research Program.

  3. Conflict of interest statement: The authors declare no conflicts of interest regarding this article.


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