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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter November 23, 2020

»Eigentümlicher Denkzauber« und »die Aura der Begriffe«

  • Pola Groß
From the journal Scientia Poetica


This article approaches Ludwik Fleck’s work from a literary perspective. It argues that Fleck is not only concerned with how scientific facts emerge, but, in accordance with his broader epistemology, with how different knowledges of reality emerge, through intra- and intercollective migrations of concepts and thoughts through different styles of thinking. Thus, in order to comprehend such cognitive traversal, interpretation, which I take to be suggested in Fleck’s work, is required. In this, I draw on the work of Andrzej Przyłębski and Dimitri Ginev, who see an implicit hermeneutics anticipated in Fleck’s work. These writings are supplemented and expanded by considering the concept of style, including Fleck’s own style, before examining what role literature, art, and language play in Fleck’s conception of thought style and thought collective. To this end, Fleck’s article »The Problem of Epistemology« from 1936, which has received little scholarly attention so far, is highlighted.

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