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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton October 15, 2019

Iconic processes and intermediality in the photobooks Silent Book and Sí por Cuba

Ana Paula Vitorio and João Queiroz
From the journal Semiotica


Silent Book and Sí por Cuba are paradigmatic examples of photobooks. Those two works are analyzed in this article based on intermedial studies and on C. S. Peirce’s semiotic. As a result, we observe properties and material components of the book working as iconic processes of the photos and of the relationship between them. It constrains interpretive semiotic behavior and reveals certain characteristics of those photographic images. In addition to identifying and presenting examples of it, we demonstrate how the pairing of two or more photos enables semiosis in which the referenced object is developed by the relations between photographs.


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Published Online: 2019-10-15
Published in Print: 2019-11-26

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