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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton March 20, 2015

Experimental Methodologies: Two Case Studies Investigating the Syntax- Discourse Interface

Timothy Gupton and Tania Leal Méndez


The current article examines two experimental investigations of the syntaxdiscourse interface, which address theoretical questions in different ways: the first is an L1 investigation of Galician speakers in Gupton (2010) and the second is a dual investigation of L1 and L2 Spanish reported on in Leal Méndez & Slabakova (2011). These investigations gathered quantitative data via psycholinguistic tasks with accompanying audio utilizing the WebSurveyor platform. They involved counterbalanced designs and were followed by statistical analysis. While acknowledging that experimental data does not have primacy over intuitive data, the authors endorse the use of experimental methods of data elicitation (such as the ones already used in generative SLA research) in theoretical syntax in order to avoid experimenter bias and to get a more complete picture of native speaker intuition and competencies.

Published Online: 2015-3-20
Published in Print: 2013-3-1

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