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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter (A) October 31, 2020

Notes on the Phonetics, Phonology and Prosody of the Čakavian Dialect of Susak

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The paper deals with synchrony and diachrony of phonetics, phonology and prosody of the Čakavian dialect of Susak (Croatia) based on the author’s fieldwork in 2018. The data is compared to previous studies of the Susak dialect. The local dialect exhibits a number of interesting phonological features – e. g. a complex (“Tsakavian”) opposition of postalveolars (/č, ž, š/) to dentals/alveolars (/c, z, s/), centralization of short /i/ and /o/ (in connection to vowel quantity opposition), complex allophonic realizations of the diphthong /i̯e/, etc. – which may be interesting from the perspective of wider phonological theory.


I would like to thank Mislav Benić for his comments on the first draft of the article.


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