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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag August 6, 2014

Individual and Collective Survival Strategies of Slovene Littoral Internees in Italian “Special Battalions” During World War II

  • Miha Kosmač
From the journal Südost-Forschungen


The article presents various survival strategies developed by Slovene Littoral men interned in “special battalions” of the Italian army (10 June 1940 - 8 September 1943). The main aims of the Fascist authorities were to intern and subjugate the Slovene Littoral men, whom they regarded as “unreliable”, and to stem the resistance in the Julian March. By taking into account archival records and various oral/memory-based testimonies, the article sheds light on the life of Slovene Littoral men in special battalions and their individual and above all collective survival strategies divided into the following categories: procurement of additional food supplies, attitude to the superiors, cooperation with the local population, and comradeship.

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