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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton June 11, 2012

The (pro)long(ed) life of a “grand narrative”: the case of Internet forum discussions on post-2004 Polish migration to the United Kingdom

Aleksandra Galasińska, and Anna Horolets,
From the journal Text & Talk


The latest wave of migration from Poland to the European Union is unprecedented in its scale. The changed economic and political circumstances of migration trigger the changes in the lived experience of migration as well as its perceptions. Yet, the “grand narrative” of economic migration that was a product of migrant experiences in previous epochs has not disappeared in the new circumstances. This article presents the voices in the debate about post-2004 migration that strongly rely on the “grand narrative” and thereby undermine the uniqueness of this wave of migration. Using the corpus containing postings from one of the leading Polish quality daily newspaper's Internet forum (2005–2010) as data, we analyze the macro-topics and argumentative strategies of contemporary articulations of the economic migration “grand narrative.” We suggest that the resilience of the hegemonic narrative of migration is caused by its being enmeshed in the multi-vector logic of post-1989 systemic transformation.

Published Online: 2012-06-11
Published in Print: 2012-03-22

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