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BY 4.0 license Open Access Published by De Gruyter June 6, 2022

From 2008 to 2018: FEBS education activities bringing us to FEBS Izmir workshop 2018 “Molecular life sciences education- training tomorrow’s scientists” (Sept 6-8th, 2018)

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FEBS Education Committee was founded by the decision of FEBS Council which convened in Istanbul in 2006, during the FEBS Congress. Up to that time, “FEBS Working Group on Teaching Biochemistry” was led by Prof. Jean Wallach from University of Lyon. At the same meeting, in Istanbul, Prof. Edward J Wood from Leeds University (UK) was elected as Chair, and me, as a member of FEBS Education Committee. During those years, biochemistry education was not in its standards of today, neither in Turkey and nor in the whole world. Ed had an enlightening vision in this regard. Years before, together with Prof. Frank Vella, Chair of IUBMB Education Committee and Alan Mehler from University of Washington, they had started convening workshops dedicated to biochemistry education, in the whole world. I had had the chance to know these enlightening people during the workshop hosted by Turkish Biochemistry Society in Ankara in 1988.

Above is the history of the conception of FEBS Education Committee. Together with Ed and other members of the Committee (Jean Wallach, Keith Elliott, Peter Ott, and Jason Perret), we had the mission of promoting education of highest quality in Europe in both undergraduate and post-graduate education. Among a wide array of activities promoting high quality education, we started planning and executing Workshops on Molecular Life Sciences Education all over Europe and beyond. From 2008 to 2018, 24 workshops have been realised.

Izmir Workshop on “Molecular Life Sciences Education- Training Tomorrow’s Scientists” was the 25th of its kind. Blending the experience of FEBS together with the vibrant energy of educators in Turkey, I believe that this Workshop has been one of those creating the highest impact of its kind. The spectacular Venue of Izmir University of Economics provided an inspiring climate for the whole activity. The two-day programme was well-structured with the following topics: “Novel Educational Strategies and Methods”, “Graduate Education”, “Using Electronic Technologies in Education”, “Excellence in Education, Excellence in Research”. Lectures of the experts were followed by small-group discussions. Poster viewing was also a highlight of the event. Medical students from IEU received the first poster award on “Medical Curriculum of IEU from the students perspective”. The third day was an IUBMB Satellite event: Research and Career Skills Workshop for young scientists (Academic and industrial path, writing a CV, writing a research proposal, making an effective oral presentation, e-tools of trade). Overall, the Workshop attracted around 200 participants from all over Turkey-both academicians, young scientists and students in molecular life sciences.

Special thanks go to Can Şimga Muğan (then Rector, Izmir University of Economics), Murat Aşkar (then Vice rector and presently Rector of the university), Hakan Abacıoğlu (Dean of Medical School), Ferhan Sağın (presently Chair of FEBS education Committee), FEBS EC and ED-COM members (with special mention and deepest thanks to Israel Pecht, General Secretary of FEBS and my mentor throughout all these years), IUBMB (International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), Jeremy Pritchard (UK), Tomas Zima (Rector, Charles University), Felix Goni (President of Spanish Society of BMB), Hakan Orer (Koç University), Tomris Özben Tomasi (Akdeniz University), Nazmi Özer (Past president of TBS) Bill Heslop (Learning Science), my distinguished colleagues and dear students.

Last but not the least, my deep appreciation goes to the Turkish Biochemical Society (Doğan Yücel, Ferhan Sağın and Aylin Sepici Dinçel) for inaugurating the Special Issue of TBS for this workshop, making it visible to the whole world molecular life sciences community.

Corresponding author: Prof. Dr. Gül Güner Akdoğan, School of Medicine, Izmir University of Economics- Co-Chair of “Izmir FEBS Workshop on Molecular Life Sciences Education-Training Tomorrow’s Scientists” Chair of FEBS Education Committee (2008-2018) Receiver of FEBS Diplome d’Honneur, 2018, Izmir, Turkey, E-mail:

Published Online: 2022-06-06

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