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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter July 26, 2019

Zur Chronologie der Götterkreise von Šamuḫa und die „alte Göttin“ in Kayalıpınar

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The local pantheon of Šamuḫa includes primarily female deities, among whom the most important is Šawuška. Before the “Goddess of the Night” from Kizzuwatna and later the “Šawuška of the Field” joined the local deities, the native goddess Apara of Šamuḫa probably held the position of the prime goddess of this city. A relief block in Kayalıpınar shows a sitting goddess. The aged-woman shape bears no stylistic similarity to any kind of Šawuška, so that one can regard Apara as a better candidate for the identification of the goddess figure from Kayalıpınar.

Published Online: 2019-07-26
Published in Print: 2019-07-26

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