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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter October 6, 2020

Der Fall Jerusalem, Timiou Staurou 104 (12. Jh.):Eine Untersuchung zur Herkunft patristischerExzerpte in den Tetraevangelien

Agnès Lorrain


A number of Byzantine tetraevangelia dating from between the tenth and twelfth centuries contain sequences of accompanying texts (among which patristic excerpts) that are very similar to those found in manuscripts with catena commentaries. This similarity raises the question of how the paths of such accompanying texts were formed during their transmission. Is it possible to define intermediate sources or relationships between manuscripts despite the complex traditions of such elements? This article first considers some methodological questions and then takes as a case study a tetraevangelium which features a collection of introductory texts that were likely all copied from a single catena. The structure of the content, the textual variants, and some of the codicological characteristics of the two manuscripts in question shed light on the process of compilation. This kind of analysis can contribute to a better understanding of scribal practices and shows how paratexts of the Bible represent a rich and, until now, untapped source of information on the transmission of the exegesis of the Church Fathers in the form of small excerpts.


Ich bedanke mich bei den Teilnehmern des Workshops „Church Fathers in the Margins. Patristic Traditions in Biblical Manuscripts“ für ihre anregenden Fragen. Insbesondere möchte ich aber auch Friederike Bäumer für ihre sehr kompetente und sorgfältige Korrektur des deutschen Textes und für die fröhliche und entspannte Zusammenarbeit danken.

Published Online: 2020-10-06
Published in Print: 2020-10-05

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