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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter October 5, 2010

Das akakianische Schisma: Liberatus, Breviarium 15-18

Hanns Christof Brennecke
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The analysis of Breviarium 15-18 shows the pro-chalcedonian, Western position of Liberatus. He stresses the impact of the bishop of Rome: Orthodoxy seems to mean obedience towards Rome. Liberatus expects an active role of the emperors in theological or ecclesiastical debates, so this cannot be regarded as a typically Eastern position. He reduces the theology of the debate to a couple of sentences and the Henotikon. The exact meaning of the Henotikon that is offered in a Latin version remains, however, unclear. Liberatus uses own sources that differ considerably from Ps.Zacharias Rhetor.

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