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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter June 19, 2006

Das Klassikerwörterbuch: Begründung und Erläuterung eines digitalen Wörterbuchprojekts zum differenten Wortschatz in der klassischen Literatur

Dominik Brückner and Ulrich Knoop
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This article is a delineation of the „Projekt Klassikerwortschatz“ that collects and processes those words in german literature between ca. 1750 and 1900 which are semantically different in today's german due to language change. It is the aim of the project to publish a dictionary in print, on CD-ROM as well as on the internet that explains these words in order to help to understand the literary language of the german „classic period“. The dictionary will therefore be a beginning of an attempt to fill the gap between Reichmann's FWB, the DWB and the DWDS which curiously coincides with this important period of german literature. The article focuses on the survey phase, when voluntary readers marked those words that made it difficult for them to understand a passage, the digitalization and the processing within the computerized environment. The main focus is on the digital editorial system „Paula“ which has been developped specifically for the „Klassikerwörterbuch“ and enables the lexicographer to focus exclusively on the content of the article rather than its format.

Published Online: 2006-06-19
Published in Print: 2004-04-01

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