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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter (O) December 14, 2018

An average structure model of the intermediate phase between sodalite and cancrinite

  • Hilke Petersen , Haishuang Zhao , Lars Robben EMAIL logo , Ute Kolb and Thorsten M. Gesing


Powder samples of the intermediate phase between sodalite and cancrinite (INT) have been synthesized hydrothermally. The formation of the INT phase was proved by both PXRD and TGA analysis and its stoichiometric composition was found to be |Na6.95(1)(CO3)0.48(2) (H2O)6.18(6)|[AlSiO4]6. The comparison of the intensity ratios of PXRD data with a SCXRD measurement indicates the formation of a comparable phase with the typical strong stacking disorder. The hexagonal lattice parameters with a=1266.3(2) pm and c=1586(1) pm and the unit cell setting were determined by Pawley fits. The average lattice and the stacking disorder along c axis could be confirmed by the reconstruction of three-dimensional ADT data. The average structure of INT was modeled considering only the combination of naturally existing (zeolitic) cages, restricted by the actual number of layers per unit cell. The possible combinations were further reduced by considering the amount of incorporated species. Through the comparison of simulated electron diffraction pattern to measured data the modeled framework could be confirmed. Using relative positions of the incorporated species in the natural cages as well as electron densities calculated by using only the framework of INT the positions of these species could be described.


The authors are very thankful to J.-C. Buhl for providing INT single crystals used in this work and to C. Weidenthaler and J. Ternieden (Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung) for providing PXRD data in a time of need. We gratefully acknowledge the German science foundation (DFG) for support in the large facility program; project numbers INST144/435-1 FUGG and INST144/458-1 FUGG. Haishuang Zhao is grateful to the financial support from Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung. The authors thank the two anonymous reviewers for their comments, which greatly improved the paper.


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