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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter (O) March 20, 2019

Water in zeolite L and its MOF mimic

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Confinement of molecules in one dimensional arrays of channel-shaped cavities has led to technologically interesting materials. However, the interactions governing the supramolecular aggregates still remain obscure, even for the most common guest molecule: water. Herein, we use computational chemistry methods (#compchem) to study the water organization inside two different channel-type environments: zeolite L – a widely used matrix for inclusion of dye molecules, and ZLMOF – the closest metal-organic-framework mimic of zeolite L. In ZLMOF, the methyl groups of the ligands protrude inside the channels, creating nearly isolated nanocavities. These cavities host well-separated ring-shaped clusters of water molecules, dominated mainly by water-water hydrogen bonds. ZLMOF provides arrays of “isolated supramolecule” environments, which might be exploited for the individual confinement of small species with interesting optical or catalytic properties. In contrast, the one dimensional channels of zeolite L contain a continuous supramolecular structure, governed by the water interactions with potassium cations and by water-water hydrogen bonds. Water imparts a significant energetic stabilization to both materials, which increases with the water content in ZLMOF and follows the opposite trend in zeolite L. The water network in zeolite L contains an intriguing hypercoordinated structure, where a water molecule is surrounded by five strong hydrogen bonds. Such a structure, here described for the first time in zeolites, can be considered as a water pre-dissociation complex and might explain the experimentally detected high proton activity in zeolite L nanochannels.


This work was supported by the Italian MIUR, within the frame of the following projects: PRIN2015 “ZAPPING” High-pressure nano-confinement in Zeolites: the Mineral Science know-how APPlied to engineerING of innovative materials for technological and environmental applications (2015HK93L7), ImPACT (FIRB RBFR12CLQD), and University of Insubria Far 2016–2017. We gratefully thank the Editors of this Special Issue–Robert Bell and Michael Fischer–for inviting us to contribute to the Issue, and two anonymous reviewers for their insightful comments and suggestions.


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