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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter June 2, 2014

Magnetic Properties and Crystal Structure of a 3,5-Dimethylpyrazolate-Bridged Binuclear Copper(II) Complex

Y. Elerman and A. Elmali

[Cu2L(prz)] (prz = 3,5-dimethylpyrazole and L = 1,3-bis(5-bromo-2-hydroxybenzylidene)- propan-2-ol) was synthesized and its crystal structure determined. It crystallizes in the orthorhombic space group Pbca with a = 14.160(9), b = 15.109(4), c = 21.298(5) Å, V = 4557(1) A3, Z = 8 . Two copper(II) ions are in a square-planar coordination. The metal coordination sphere is four-coordinate, with a planar N2O2 donor set. The dihedral angle between the two coordination planes is 12.14(7)°. The copper(II) centers are separated by 3.365(1) Å and antiferromagnetically coupled (J = -214.3 cm-1), which follows from temperature-dependent magnetic susceptibility measurements in the temperature range 4.6 to 310 K. The Cu-O-Cu angle is 125.9(1)° in the super-exchange pathway. The magnetic moment at 310 K is ca. 1.76 B.M. and 0.13 B.M. at 4.6 K.

Received: 2000-11-27
Published Online: 2014-6-2
Published in Print: 2001-10-1

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