Ingo Hartenbach, Thomas Lindel, Gerhard Müller, Rainer Pöttgen, Hubert Schmidbaur, René Wilhelm and Birgit Zoglmeier

Congratulations to Dietrich Gudat

De Gruyter | Published online: October 18, 2017

Dietrich Gudat, Professor at the Institute for Inorganic Chemistry, University of Stuttgart, celebrates his 60th birthday on November 10th, 2017.

Dietrich Gudat is known for his numerous contributions to element-organic chemistry, especially in the fields of phosphorus-nitrogen-heterocycles (with regards to cationic, neutral and anionic compounds, their reactivity and usability as ligands for complexes), carbene analogues (neutral and cationic N-heterocyclic carbenes with the heavier tetreles and penteles), as well as functional phosphanes and their complexes (umpolung, bond activation and templates for the assembly of heterobimetallic complexes). Furthermore, he is a renowned NMR specialist with focus on the application of multinuclear NMR spectroscopy for structure elucidation, in-situ characterization of thermodynamically or kinetically instable species in equilibria, and the elucidation of structure and bonding in molecular species. Besides many research publications and review articles, he is known for being the author of the inorganic molecular chemistry part in “Modern Inorganic Chemistry” which is one of the definitive books for advanced inorganic chemistry. As distinction for all his achievements, Prof. Gudat received an honorary doctorate degree from Budapest University of Technology in 2017.

We, the editors, the publisher and the editorial team would like to express our deep respect to Dietrich Gudat for his numerous achievements in the field of element-organic chemistry. On the occasion of his 60th birthday, friends, former co-workers and colleagues have contributed their manuscripts to this special issue of Zeitschrift für Naturforschung B.

Published Online: 2017-10-18
Published in Print: 2017-11-27

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