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Ionic Solutions Probed by Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering

Zhong Yin, Ivan Rajkovic, Sreevidya Thekku Veedu, Sascha Deinert, Dirk Raiser, Rohit Jain, Hironobu Fukuzawa, Shin-ichi Wada, Wilson Quevedo, Brian Kennedy, Simon Schreck, Annette Pietzsch, Philippe Wernet, Kyoshi Ueda, Alexander Föhlisch and Simone Techert


X-ray spectroscopy is a powerful tool to study the local charge distribution of chemical systems. Together with the liquid jet it becomes possible to probe chemical systems in their natural environment, the liquid phase. In this work, we present X-ray absorption (XA), X-ray emission (XE) and resonant inelastic X-ray scattering (RIXS) data of pure water and various salt solutions and show the possibilities these methods offer to elucidate the nature of ion-water interaction.


We thank the beamline staff at U41_PGM, U49-2_PGM_1 of HZB and P04 of PETRA III. This work was supported by SFB755 “Nanoscale Photonic Imaging” and SFB 1073 “Atomic Scale Control of Energy Conversion” of the German Science Foundation (DFG), the Advanced Study Group of the Max Planck Society, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin and Helmholtz Virtual Institute “Dynamic Pathways in Multidimensional Landscapes”. H. F., S. W. and K. U. are grateful for support from the X-ray Free Electron Laser Priority Strategy Program of MEXT. We thank B. Winter and L. Weinhardt for valuable discussions.

Received: 2015-3-31
Accepted: 2015-7-20
Published Online: 2015-8-21
Published in Print: 2015-10-28

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