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Accessible Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by Akademie Verlag 2012

Interaktionszentren des Sprachkontakts in Deutsch-Neuguinea: ein sprachkartographisches Projekt

Stefan Engelberg, Ineke Scholz and Doris Stolberg


Colonial language contact is shaped by many extralinguistic factors that, in turn, lead to different linguistic outcomes. The project outlined here aims at documenting contact contexts that existed during the German colonial rule in the Pacific, with special emphasis on German New Guinea. Trading places, institutions (e.g. schools), plantations and other settings that involved (language) interaction between the colonizers and the colonized are charted on a historical map of the area to determine where contact intensity is likely to have been high, and what languages were involved and can be expected to show traces of such interaction (e.g. loanwords). It is intended to digitize this information in form of an interactive map, allowing to show and hide different types of information and thus being able to draw conclusions on historical language contact settings and their long-term linguistic results.