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Accessible Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by Akademie Verlag 2012

Koloniallinguistik aus hochschuldidaktischer Perspektive

Birte Kellermeier-Rehbein


The field of colonial linguistics is relatively new to German language studies. Its research findings should be integrated within degree courses and made accessible to a broader public. This subject offers various possibilities for a university level education which aims at conveying not only profound linguistic skills but also the concept of inquiry-based learning, in which students are encouraged to autonomously formulate and process research goals on varying levels. Inquiry-based learning enables students to fulfill the study-goals required according to the examination regulations for bachelor and master programmes, such as acquisition of expert knowledge, graduate skills, and the ability to evaluate research findings. The subject “German language in Namibia” is suitable for this kind of learning, not only with respect to the above mentioned study-goals, but also because it reveals today's linguistic consequences of colonial times. These include the situation of German-speaking minorities in linguistic enclaves as well as the specific characteristics of the Namibian varieties of German.