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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter (O) January 13, 2011

Plutonium sorption onto hematite colloids at femto- and nanomolar concentrations

Anna Yu. Romanchuk , Stepan N. Kalmykov and Ramiz A. Aliev
From the journal Radiochimica Acta


The surface-mediated reduction of Pu(VI) upon sorption onto hematite colloids is addressed in the paper that bring some new light on the mechanisms of interaction of Pu in high valence states with different Fe(III) oxides. We study the sorption of Pu taken at two different total concentrations around 10−9 and 10−14 M using 239Pu and short-lived 237Pu tracer. In order to conclude on the mechanisms of Pu sorption onto hematite, the kinetics of sorption of Pu(IV) and Pu(VI) at two concenrations is studied as well as its leching behavior. The rate limiting step in Pu(VI) sorption is its surface-mediated reduction. The experimental evidence of the polymerization of Pu(IV) on the surface taken at Pu total concentration of ∼10−9 M is presented based on the kinetics of sorption and leaching behavior.

* Correspondence address: Lomonosov Moscow State University, Chemistry department, Leninskie Gory, Radiochemistry division, Moscow 119992, Russische Föderation,

Published Online: 2011-01-13
Published in Print: 2011-03

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